Who says you can't have both?

Watches & Jewelry

The practice of wearing jewelry is something which has been around for several centuries. Long before the invention of any machinery, accessorizing one’s body is part and parcel of looking more presentable and beautiful. Long before, people will craft any piece of metal in order to be able to decorate themselves. Decoration did not just stop at decorating one body part as the neck, wrist and even ankles are decorated in order to draw more attention to these parts. Jewelries function as decorative additions to one’s body. They are used to deck wrists and necks and ankles in order to attract attention and to add a little glamour to the wearer. Nowadays, the need for function and form is demanded in most art forms, which includes jewelry.
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Watches have evolved from being ordinary time pieces to art pieces donning the body. They are now recognized beyond their time-keeping function and are used as jewelry. Every brand and watch maker extend to make watches as jewelries, from coming up with newer and more luxurious designs. Watches have become more than just time-tellers but are fashion statements as well. Watch jewelries are more expensive than your regular watches as they also serve the function of jewelry. They are almost always made from some precious metal such as gold or silver and are created as pieces of art, and not just some ordinary time piece. Jewelry watches or watch jewelries tell more than just time as they are also fashion accessories and statements in their own rights. Beautiful as well functional is the aim of most watch jewelries. Watch jewelries are preferred by those who want both glamour and function. It serves the decorative function by being beautiful pieces of art donned on one’s wrists and the utility function being the ability to tell the time. One can never argue against the merits of the two combined functions, cliché as it may sound, it masterfully and gracefully hits two birds with one stone. Considering that watch jewelries are getting more and more popular, the designs are also getting more varied and are more diverse and creative. Artistic influences in the years past as well current pop culture and influences. The beauty of these watch jewelries can not be denied. Watch jewelries take form and influence from other cultures such as those of the early civilizations as well as later trends such as art deco and the like. Who says that you can not have both? You can have both a watch an exquisite piece of jewelry with watch jewelries.